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1. Where art thou Migs Zubiri?

Very interesting that the one who benefitted in the electoral sabotage allegation against GMA was not impleaded. As to the media, they never interviewed him  nor used their “investigatory” abilities to determine migs possible involvement.

MIGS resigned and called the Former President to speak  out or explain…  why do Filipinos swallowed such alibi? He just rode the band wagon…  like Many Pacquiao,  fight Manny, you will earn money.  For CGMA, fight CGMA, win the elections. That’s GLORIA MAGIC. Thanks to our bias media.

2. Maguindanao Massacre

CREEPY. Even Maguindanao massacre was blamed to CGMA.  According  to sources such as record from Malacanang,  Ampatuan and Mangudadatu were called by CGMA to resolve the conflict. CGMA offered a position to Mangudadatu, but the offer for cabinet position was denied by the latter. Despite several attempts to resolve it, no one gave way.  Ampatuan went to Malacanang for another meeting (several meetings) , however ,massacre happened. NOW they blamed.

3. PNOY vs Corona

CGMA appointed Corona as the SC Chief Justice.

For 10 years in power, naturally ,justices appointed by the past presidents will resign or retire or die.  Upon a vacancy in the Court, the president fills the vacancy by appointing a person from a list of at least 3 nominees prepared by the Judicial and Bar Council. (take note: by JBC not by the President)

then the conflict…

Supreme Court  declared the Truth Commission as unconstitutional.

PNOY blamed Corona.

PNOY blamed SC.

PNOY blamed CGMA.

(Calls for Corona to inhibit or resign ensued. I guess if Corona decides to inhibit, ALL justices must inhibit. For Comelec, Brillantes should have inhibited himself, Ombudman-Morales must inhibit, Leila must inhibit,  ALL MUST INHIBIT. Common sense, Corona was appointed by GMA, PNOY appointed other officials, then all appointees by GMA and PNOY must inhibit).

4. Economy

PNOY said we have no budget. CGMA  too extravagant and used the same for her personal gain.

His Remedy: do not spend the money, cancel infra projects.

Senators said: PNOY maybe held liable for IMPOUNDMENT

(IMPOUNDMENT refers to the refusal of the President, for whatever reason, to release

funds appropriated by Congress. It is the failure to spend or obligate budget authority of any type.)

As result of under spending, the Philippine economic activities were affected.

Who to blame?

PNOY vetoed several provisions/items thus freeing himself in case of under spending the budget  BUT the congress ignored the vetoed items.

The Congress could have override the vetoed items.

Congress fault .

5. Time – tested CGMA

It’s a fact that GMA were able to run the government for 10 years.

Stable economy .  Despite rebellion, coupt attempts, corrupt allegations etc….

if PNOY failed to maintain the economy left by CGMA,   will PNOY and the MEDIA blame CGMA? What if he succeeded? Thanks to AQUINO???

6. WHEREFORE premises considered finding CGMA acquitted. Case Dismissed.

Corona called a special en banc session to resolve  GMA’s petition for  TRO and to resolve the constitutional violations of the DOJ.

COMELEC, on the same day called a special session  re arroyo electoral sabotage case.

Comelec went to RTC PASAY.

JUDGE MUPAS, after  four hours of reading the voluminous  pleadings and documents issued  a warrant.

GMA now an accused.


According to Atty. Art de Castro, it should have been in Lanao or place in Mindanao were the crime was committed. I agree.

Therefore, case should be dismissed against CGMA.

Now, if the case will be dismissed, will PNOY blame Mupas?

If the case reached the SC, and declared CGMA innocent for the crime committed in PASAY (since it was filed in Pasay) or the SC in favor of CGMA, will PNOY blame Corona or SC?

anyway, i hope President Aquino will not blame CGMA for the death of Cory and Ninoy (and Kris’ Lovelife).



The prescription for PNOY is he should learn from the rule of St. Benedict of Nursia, who lived in the 5th and 6th century, the founder of Christian monasticism, and was held as the principal patron of Europe. His rule is still very relevant until this modern age. The issue raised by this essay on PNOY’s behavior relates to the following points of the rule of St. Benedict: Keep constant guard over the actions of your life. Do not follow the prompting of anger. Do not be a detractor.  Do not bear hatred against anybody. Do not foster deceit in your heart. Love your enemies. Make peace with your adversary before the setting of the sun.

Only with a kind heart can one lead correctly.


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