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Do not be mislead.

If i were to read blogs and opinions, i would definitely read Father Bernas’ blog and not those written by authors trying to make things believeable but in fact false. I am not attacking blogs like raisa robles’ blog or randy davids articles, however, i have the following points why it is better to read Father Bernas blog.

1. when it comes to constitutional issues, no doubt that the authority is father bernas. kahit paikut ikutin mo, tama talaga e. and it is written in a way a layman will be able to decipher and very neutral. No tsismis purely facts and correct application and understanding of the law.

2. reading other blogs written by ordinary authors tend to interpret the law word by word without understanding the reason behind its enactment. In statutory construction, law must be construed by considering the following basic principles:

  • legislative intent
  • verba legis
  • statute as a whole
  • spirit and purpose of the law
  • stare decisis

In addition, every law students know that aside from the above mentioned principles, there are also other principles in CONSTRUCTING AND INTERPRETING WORDS AND PHRASES:

  • Ubi lex non distinguit, nec nos dissinguere debemus. Meaning, Where the law does not distinguish, we ought not to distinguish.
  • ejusdem generis

further, even the use of words MAY, SHALL, MUST, AND, OR have different interprations. example:

“And” means conjunction connecting words or phrases expressing theidea that the latter is to be added or taken along with the first.“Or” is a disjunctive particle used to express as alternative or to give achoice of one among two or more things. It is also used to clarify whathas already been said, and in such cases, means “in other words,” “to wit,” or “that is to say.”


For detailed explanation click the link.

3. reading blogs written by those authors without law/legal background tend to use their emotion and according to what they hear. HEARSAY facts  + apply the law according to their understanding = ?

Is it the correct application of the law?  readers will read it and they believe it. DANGEROUS.

BOTTOMLINE: upon reading blogs regarding the impeachment of corona, electoral sabotage case against GMA and other legal issues, bloggers publish their views and trying to interpret and apply law according to their understanding…i hope they know the danger of misapplying the laws.


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