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ABORTION is illegal in the Philippines. Here are the ways abortion is committted.

Art. 256. Intentional abortion. — Any person who shall intentionally cause an abortion shall suffer:

1. xxx, if he shall use any violence upon the person of the pregnant woman.

2. xxx, without using violence, he shall act without the consent of the woman.

3. xxx if the woman shall have consented.

Art. 257. Unintentional abortion. — xxx any person who shall cause an abortion by violence, but unintentionally.

Art. 258. Abortion practiced by the woman herself of by her

Art. 259. Abortion practiced by a physician or midwife and dispensing of


can rhian be made liable for abortion?

No,  the Philippine penal laws have force and effect only within its territory. That is the Philippines. It cannot penalize crimes committed outside the country.


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